Daily Updated Asteroid Flybys

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UTC: Coordinated Universal Time. Dist.: Distance from center of object to Earth's center. LD: Lunar Distance (384,460 km or 238,855 mi). Recent approaches appear in grey. Object list updated daily. For a complete list spanning the next 33 years visit the MPC's close approaches page.

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TreeDoctor said...

Current TV commercial for "IBM Cloud" shows an image of asteroid 2017 MV-2, touting that it was "live-streamed to millions of viewers from 220 miles above the Earth". I told my wife, "That CAN'T be right", so I looked it up. She says it was "live-streamed" from 220 miles, so it's not deceptive. I don't think even THAT was correct. The whole claim strikes me as a hoax.... from IBM, no less. Oddly, there are NO (zero) comments about this online. (The commercial was aired during a tennis match. Maybe no one watching tennis cares if it's correct or not... Only if the tennis ball hits the ground 3 mm outside the lines)